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Having Friends or Family Officiate

Having Friends or Family Officiate

The Wedding Officiant

A wedding is one of the single, most important days of a person’s life. Being that a wedding is one of the most personal ceremonies in a person’s life, and this should be reflected in his or her choice of wedding officiant. In many cultures and religions, it is common for weddings to be performed by Priests, Rabbis or ministers, but in today’s age, it is becoming increasingly popular for couples to have a close friend or family member get ordained as a wedding officiant specifically to perform a wedding. This provides an additional way for the wedding to be a unique, memorable occasion for the couple and their families.

Legal Online Ordination

ULC ShieldWhen people hear about online ordination websites, one of the most commonly asked questions is, “Is that legal?” Rest assured, not only is getting ordained online with the Universal Life Church Monastery legal, it is one of the most efficient and resourceful ways of doing so. Not only does the ULC Monastery provide legal online ordination, it also provides its ministers with the resources, tools and connections necessary to perform a wedding successfully and thoughtfully.

Close and Creative

Having a friend or family member become a wedding officiant will allow you to be very creative with your ceremony format while ensuring that it is official and enjoyable. Many couples today want to write their own vows, and do not want a traditional order of service. They may not have grown up in the church, or they may being marring a partner of a different faith which does not allow for the union to take place in the church.  By choosing a friend or family member to officiate your wedding, couples are making their wedding ceremonies more personal and tailor-made to fit them. Those couples who do want more creativity and flexibility in the technical aspects of their weddings should find the idea of having a friend get ordained online very appealing.

For those couples who just want a small, personal wedding, having someone close perform the wedding is the perfect accent to an intimate ceremony. The special quality that having a personal minister brings is impossible to mimic.

How to Get Ordained

For those of you interested in getting ordained or having a family member or friend get ordained, you are encouraged to visit our website, The Monastery. For information and resources about becoming a wedding officiant, different types of wedding ceremonies, and assisting literature please visit us at the ULC monastery website.