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For Brides

Bride at a Wedding

Looking for some wedding inspiration and ideas? We have a great wealth of information for planning your wedding. We have all tips for all aspects from decorating to theme and color suggestions.

For Ministers

Minister Training

Are you a newly ordained ULC minister? Are you looking for training in a new wedding tradition or some inspiration for an upcoming ceremony you are officiating? Check out our Wedding Officiant Training!

ULC Wedding Officiants

Whether you are getting into the wedding officiant business, or are looking for one yourself…We realize that the world of weddings is huge and full of ideas. We would like to offer you a starting point for wedding basics. Our Universal Life Church ministers have researched how weddings are performed according to many different cultural and religious traditions. The knowledge and overviews offered in the wedding officiant training sections will help you get up to speed on how different weddings are performed all around the world.If you are newly engaged and researching what type of wedding ceremony you would prefer, or what type of wedding officiant will best suit your style as a couple, then this is also the place for you! If you are having a difficult time choosing a wedding officiant, you should consider having a friend or family member get ordained to perform your marriage ceremony. Choosing a person who is special to the couple to perform the wedding ceremony can add meaning and significance to this important occasion.

Or, if you have recently been asked to officiate a wedding ceremony you can also find out about how to become a ULC wedding officiant. Are you already an ordained wedding officiant? Check out the official Universal Life Church ministry supply store for a variety of religious supplies. A wide variety of items from beautiful marriage certificates and clergy apparel, to frame-able minister’s licenses are offered.

Universal Life Church

The Universal Life Church (ULC) is a non-denominational church founded in the belief that people from all walks of life, and all faiths, who feel called to ministry may become ordained ULC ministers. This free and legal ordination, granting you all the rights of a minister, can be completed online at the Universal Life Church Monastery website within minutes. We welcome everyone who is compelled to join the ministry or who has been asked to perform a wedding ceremony to join us.  Millions of people the world over have been ordained by the ULC and have the ability to perform wedding, baptisms, and funerals.

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