Get Ordained Online

Get Ordained Online

Get Ordained Online

Upon completion of the ordination process, individuals will receive ordination from the Universal Life Church (ULC) that will sanction them as a legally-recognized minister across the United States. Ministers who receive their training in this manner are then able to perform various duties, including baptisms, funerals, weddings, and chaplaincy work, to name a few.

In fact, over 20 million people have taken advantage of Universal Life Church’s online ordination process, which is free, fast, and is valid for an indefinite period of time. Unlike other programs/churches, the ULC does not require any upfront fees of ordination from ministers and does not require ordained ministers to pay any future renewal fees. The process is so simple that participants can complete the online ordination process in just a matter of minutes. Individuals simply complete the initial ordination form, select the “Submit Online Ordination” option, and receive an e-mail confirmation regarding ordination in just a few mere minutes. It’s that’s easy! Becoming a ULC ordained minister is valid throughout one’s lifetime after this process is complete. Though there is no expiration, ordinations can be revoked upon request.

How to Become a Minister Now

Individuals should make sure that they thoroughly read the confirmation email they receive after completing the ordination process. This email welcomes ministers to the Universal Life Church and provides essential information about ULC minister duties and initial wedding ceremony instructions.

Get Ordained Now

Instructions Following Ordination

Listed below are instructions and suggestions pertaining to ordination duties:

  • Use only your full legal name (the one that appears on government-issued documents and forms)
  • Do not create false ordination names based on pets or other objects. These ordination requests will be disregarded immediately and will not be recognized by state governments
  • Use only factual information. Do not use names that are not legally yours or nicknames
  • Double check the spelling and validity of all personal information. Ordination may be invalidated if incorrect information is used, and individuals will not receive a confirmation email if the email address given is incorrect
  • Capitalize when necessary on all documentation

ULC Privacy Policy

ULC closely guards the privacy of all ordained ministers. Any personal information that is submitted to ULC (including your name and mailing/email address) will never be disclose to outside parties or sold at any time.

In addition, Universal Life Church and their staff will only mail ministers when Ministry Product purchases have been made online or for the following:

  • Confirmation of Ordination
  • Confirmation of Successful Order Processing
  • Sending Requesting Monthly Newsletters
  • Responding to Questions Sent to Customer Service Staff

Outreach and Ministry Resources

As a church that offers more than just online ordination, Universal Life Church offers a wide array of materials and resources that can help individuals improve their ministry and incorporates ministers into ULC’s online global community.

Minister Training: Oftentimes, ULC ordained ministers find that they desire to pursue additional training. ULC offers online training that aides ministers who wish to solely perform weddings and other ceremonies in addition to their online training. In fact, the Wedding Training section of this website can help ministers do just that.

Social Networking: For ministers who are interested in participation in religious training with other ULC ministers or developing their spirituality, ULC offers a socially network that was custom designed for our ministers. Boasting over 20,000 members, this network features a discussion board, polling features, and a customized blog.

Ministry Product Offerings: Though the initial ordination process is free, individuals may wish to purchase ministerial supplies and documentation from the ULC website. Funds generated from these purchases are used to cover ULC organizational expenses, and excess funds are donated to charity.

Charitable Donations: ULC’s online ministry offers may provisions charitable donations to various organizations. Recent donations include those to the National Autism Association, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and, hopefully in the future, many other charitable organizations across the US.

ULC Ordination Acceptance

Ordination through the Universal Life Church is accepted in 47 states across the US, which means that ULC ordained ministers are able to perform wedding ceremonies almost anywhere in America. However, Pennsylvania and Virginia do not currently accept our ordination. Consultation with couples who have requested your services in these states should be utilized in order to avoid wedding officiant registration by the county clerk.