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Wedding Officiant: Vow Renewal

Wedding Officiant: Vow Renewal

Wedding Officiant: Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony

Many couples wish to experience the magic, hope and promise they felt on their wedding day and the one sure way to do so is through a renewal of their wedding vows. For the wedding officiant a vow renewal is similar to a traditional wedding ceremony.  It is similar to the couple’s initial ceremony in that there are witnesses present who play a role in the couple’s lives, a commitment that’s made and, the inclusion of the couple’s faith and religious views. These factors, and many others, are significant to a couple who have likely already spent the majority of their adult lives with one another.

Include your Family

One advantage most wedding renewals offer is the inclusion of the children born of the marriage. It’s not uncommon for those children to be adults with children of their own. The symbolism is readily apparent as it’s an ideal opportunity for the couple to reflect on their choices, the pride they feel when they see their families gather and the importance of family as a whole. For many couples, it’s a way to bring it full circle and in fact, many choose to have their vows renewed in the same church or other location as their first wedding ceremony and some even by the same wedding officiant.


Pre-wedding planning, although not usually as overwhelming as a bride and groom’s first wedding, is important for many reasons. Many couples take advantage of this opportunity to include other symbols that have played a role in their married lives, such as the building of a business together or the home they’ve shared the duration of their married lives. It is not uncommon for most couples to opt for a small ceremony in their homes versus a traditional church setting. Many wedding planners suggest wedding vow renewals happen either in the couple’s home or their place of worship for a meaningful setting.  Another important ritual many want included in their wedding renewal is the reading of specific scriptures. Because of their religious faith, they may have drawn strength from a particular Bible verse over the years and feel it’s important to reiterate the significance of that scripture via their renewal ceremony. The wedding officiant can help to put together a meaningful ceremony based on the couple’s preferences in these areas.


While some couples want to ensure the authenticity of their original wedding, including the traditional wedding vows being read by their wedding officiant,  many couples opt to compose their own vows. They wish to make it intimate and personal as they speak to the heart of the marriage they have worked to build over the years. In a vow renewal ceremony, it truly is about defining it so that it is indicative of the couple who have shared their lives and pays respect to marriage as a whole.


The music is yet another important consideration. The possibilities are endless, of course. Because music has the power to bring any of us back to another time and can become the catalyst for reminiscing, many couples select their music according to the original wedding date versus contemporary music. Whether they choose beautiful waltz music from the 1940s or a power ballad from the 1980s, the sky’s the limit in the musical selection for the couple. Again, it’s about making it their own. If your looking for traditional wedding music, like the kind played at your first ceremony the Universal Life Church carries ULC Loves Notes Wedding Music.

Honor your Marital Bond

Finally, while all of the details are important as two people begin to plan a vow renewal ceremony, not losing sight of the reasons for their strong marital bond is truly their goal. Wedding vow renewals are a beautiful way to honor the sacrifices made, choices and the inspiration provided by a couple who have made it through the good and bad and have remained loyal, faithful and a source of strength for one another over the years.